Finding love , perhaps..? – part 1

2x in relationshit, 2x affairs, and countless hooked up..

“something tells me will be alright, my location unknown, tryna find a way back home to you again..gotta get back to you..-” Honne-Location unknown.

Probably, that one of my favourite parts in a song now, if you might know that one band called HONNE an Aussie’s group they made a couple of beautiful songs, anyway…I decided to start writing again now since I made my WordPress blog for almost 3 months with nothing in there (lol) if you might curious where I am now while writing this blog, I am in the famous districts in Bali, yes in Bali! I currently live here after 9 years of adventure in Malaysia, and many stories that I will bring to you here from many aspects I could resume in my life.

and before we go deep digging in my several failed relationships, give a minute to appreciate this beautiful place I am sitting right now while writing with my ultimate coffee latte ice, today is windy day despite I am near to the beach just 500m from Berawa beach in Canggu! yep! it’s Canggu! no wonder tourist and foreigner especially western tourist is love this place and always on their list to visit Canggu, i am sitting here in one of a cafe feels like home (phew, seriously) so comfort and I sitting next to big window which I can see the open sky and nothing in front of my eyes but BEAUTY!! I love this place, now time is showing 3.35pm I was in here from 1 pm! (girl, you know you have to stick your butt forever in a place like this, where you can get coffees and food and feels like HOME!)

Okay, so was it true? I have been only in a serious relationship for 2 times? YES! first, was when I am 22 years old, and the second was when I am 26 years old, so how long did the relationship last? each relationship took me 3 years, with the almost typically same type of dudes, beardie, bulk biceps, sweet kind of smile giggling at myself , I have no idea why on earth that I always got the same type of dude like them, both of them are born in September and a Virgo! Me too, a Virgo! and I can say that I was too much deeply fallen out of love with my last boyfriend, He is Yemeni, He is handsome as hell! (it just for Me) caring and always find me wisdom in between My ups and downs temper. I thought in some of those days when I was with him that he is the one I would end up My journey to finding my heart’s a shelter, but nope! I got it all wrong (whoopsie!) and He is always being my rock bottom since day 1 but something I didn’t know beyond my expectation be continued –

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