Finding love , perhaps..? – part 2

2x In Relationship, 2x affairs, and countless hooked up..

Dear, probably this song is summarised all of my feelings when I saw you leaving.. “don’t give up on me…” but still, you are gone and nothing left on me but heartbreak.

So, can I just fast forward to my unforgettable love story and the utmost unconditional love I have ever had. The one that I was fallen in love with the Yemeni dude, it was May 2nd 2016, I still remember how he approached me with his sweetest words, almost like a honey comb’s sweet (/_\) I know I was such an innocent dumbass that time, but who cares? I do like every single pick-up-line he threw at me. I could say, it was insanely quick string attached after a one night kissed. He said, “can I hug you goodnight? I couldn’t hide my anxiety that night because it has been a year being single and I nodded my head agreed, “of course, Thank you for tonight,” I said, and he landed his lips on mine, just like that, and it was a fireworks, every sense in my vein suddenly risen up and I felt the joy in my stomach, it drove me to asked for more, but Nope! not now, I said. After driving me home and those hug and goodnight kisses, it still bothers me in a way that I have to make sure it was a real one that he is into me. I text him, and asked – hey, I just want to make sure, why were you kissed me? do you like me? or it just nothing? – He replied! phew! -Hi, yes it’s real, don’t worry we are going to meet soon, again. Have a good night sweetheart xx. – I died! (lol) I jumped out of my bed and didn’t believe what I saw on my phone! uh-oh! And so on, after those incredible nights, we were walked our path happily undisturbed. I knew he is the one for me, He is the man that I always looking for all this time, I’m going to drop everything here at the moment, I was so ready! my gut told me to keep on believing this is your faith, you were meant to be with him, God finally hears my prayer, I was so convinced based on his attentions, caring, supports, love it was fantastic, sex! wow! I couldn’t ask for more. BUT! hey, hey, hey…guess what? life give me another surprise! – to be continued…

it’s brewtiful day – In Laws Coffee

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