My Love For Dance

In my early childhood I have been so close with dancing, since I was kindergarten that hobby is my first love, I kept making my routine and involved in some dance classes until I reached 15 years old, I am into traditional dance where I came from Sundanese folk dance, I love dancing following the beat from “gendang” it gives me sort of like an orgasm when you start to move your body and hit the note in the rhythm that makes you so enthusiastic to execute every step…whoa! what a joyful moment for me. But I’m 30yo now, 15 years retired from those beautiful moves, now dancing only if I happen to spend my time in club or some bar. You know 20’s life kinda days.. lol.
so here it goes, my favourite dance routine from Nicole Kirkland’s choreography is such an AWESOME!! the moves just flawless and every beat she executed with smoothly…go check this one out!

ps: Nicole is one of my favourite choreographer from The USA. I follow so many choreographers on Instagram or youtube, they work all amazing ❤


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