Finding Soul… part 3

2X in relationship,2x affairs, and countless hooked up

I found this randomly and I love it, I will try put music in every blog that I wrote, so you can get the feeling when you read my writing ❤

By the time I’m writing this blog, I’m in Starbucks and I hate their new non-plastic straw, just being honest…I mean, dear fellow mortals, if you know plastic is dangerous to our mother earth then WHY on earth you created?? making zero solution to solve the dump from plastic until now? sometimes…human is too smart yet too stupid at the same time. I shouldn’t put the title there is finding soul haha…but um, I am too lazy to think other titles that relate with my thoughts here. (anyway, a few meters from there is a couple who blatantly make out here in public area, geez…dude get a room!)
why did finding a soul is a matter to me? it’s because I have too many dreams and goals, and person that I wish to be when I grow up and contributing more to the world, but then I realized that I had nothing to created and connect to something that can make my dream come true, but I do so grateful of all everything that I already tried to accomplish the whole year, even though my relationship with my mom has not yet got any better, but I’m trying. you know when you getting older you begin to realize that your dream life and goals are 70% different from what your parent’s wish you to be, yet they are still counting on you for the financial reason. this is the struggle that always makes me more passionate about what I want to achieve although the step and the way is not an easy road. I’m going through everything is just by myself went abroad out of my hometown for several years as a stranger and building up my relationship through my 20s in someplace that completely new and nothing much I know about it. well, the country is not that too far but yeah still I need to keep my head up and learn everything from the basic, basically how I engaged with people there and adapt my behaviour, it was really hard. hard because I had to face a new culture, new habits, a new race, it such an eye-opening moment for me, how these experiences are the blessing from God and the path that I choose to see another side of the world than just listened to it from other people. Things that I never thought myself will be involved in a world I never imagined and would felt so deeply, It’s being in love with foreign people for the first time. I was young, I was so believed in an idea to being loyal and in love, make a relationship and married and build a home that we called a family together, it was simple it was dreamy days I have ever felt my whole life.

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